100% Natural

Made from Crystal Potassium Alum

Natural Lasting Protection from Body Odour


100% Natural

Recycled & Recyclable Packaging

A gentle and effective deodorant solution used for hundreds of years across Asia. Perspi-Rock® Natural Deodorant neutralises odour-causing bacteria with a microscopic layer of natural salt. This acts as an astringent which reduces poral opening slightly and provides a mild antiperspirant effect reducing sweat production.  

100% natural, made from Potassium Alum rock crystals, also known as “Tawas” crystals, sourced from ancient mines deep below the Asian continent. Completely chemical-free, it does not contain Aluminium Chloride or Aluminium Chlorohydrate.

Perspi-Rock® Natural Deodorant 60g


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Perspi-Rock® can help prevent moderate sweat and odour for up to 24 hours. To use, simply moisten the stick with a small amount of water and apply generously to clean skin. Applied daily, a single 60g stick can last up to six months. As this is a natural product, some variation in colour and texture is normal.

  • Gentle on all skin types
  • Use all over the body for sweat and odour protection
  • Can even be used on shaving cuts to stop bleeding.
  • Simply moisten with a small amount of water and apply generously to clean skin

Perspi-Rock® Natural Deodorant Roll-On with Aloe Vera 50ml


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This fresh smelling unisex natural deodorant will provide long lasting protection from odour. Use daily for natural deodorant protection.

Made using the same natural potassium alum as our popular Perspi-Rock® Deodorant Crystals.

  • Safe, Simple and Natural
  • Gentle on skin
  • No Animal Testing
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No Aluminium Chloride
  • No Parabens
  • Contains Soothing Aloe Vera extract
  • Made in the UK

Warnings: For external use only. If irritation occurs discontinue use.
Ingredients: Aqua, Potassium Alum, Guar Gum, Aloe Vera Extract, Glycerin.



verified buyer – 01/2020

Really impressed with this deodorant, lasts all day and absolutely no odor or wet patch under arm. Do the yourself and the planet a favor and give it a go!


verified buyer – 07/2013

This is fantastic, a quick wipe of this and you are completely odour free. There’s no sent of the Perspi Rock what so ever. I’ve gone up to 48 hours (using just once) and still feel clean and no odour!
Would highly recommend.


verified buyer – 08/2019

Very very good. Works lasts ages and have bought 3 more as gifts. Great for travel also.


verified buyer – 10/2017

Great amazing, Nothing else I used my entire 60 year old life, no deo for me before this. Now I use it every day succesfully, I have much more friends now 🙂

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